Marketable Degrees to study in Kenya in 2023

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With the current economy in Kenya, students who wish to study degree courses in the country need appropriate advice before they stumble into courses that will make them jobless for years.

Higher Learning Institutions in Kenya produce about 800,000 graduates in the job market every year. However, there are minimal opportunities, and many graduates come to reality with the battle of seeking relevant opportunities. Typically, they take quite a significant time before they land jobs.

Opportunely, several university degree courses can take you to the next level once you graduate. These degree courses are worth pursuing; very competitive, on-demand, and they pay significantly well.

1. Medicine and Surgery

This course entails a laborious learning process; however, it’s high in demand for any graduate. Opportunities could be limited at some point in the government health sector although rare; the course remains marketable; this is because for as long as you’ve got skills plus certification, you can opt to start your clinic, seek opportunities in the private health institutions or even go beyond the border.

The good thing about medicine and surgery is that some are absorbed even before they graduate or in the process.

2. Software Engineering and Web Develoment

Social media is one platform that’s growing by the day, and Kenyans are into it making money. Besides, several global companies are employing people through the internet; for instance, freelance web developers are a hot cake.

If you have good mathematical knowledge and you think you can handle complex programming; software engineering could suit you. What is more, you’ll be able to remain in the job market for as long as a dynamic digital economy is concerned. The pay for software engineers ranges from 200k-500k a month; especially with mega-companies like Safaricom, IBM, and Google to mention a few.

To stand out in the competitive software engineering job market, it’s advisable to obtain relevant certifications such as Microsoft Certification Exams, which can demonstrate your proficiency in specific programming languages and technologies.

3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a popular and marketable degree course to study in Kenya. Moreover, you can get the best out of it as an entrepreneur; you can opt for self-employment by launching your pharmacy or seek employment in Kenya’s companies like GSK, NACADA, private and public hospitals or clinics that are all over Kenyan towns.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

This course is not familiar to many, although it’s a course that will make any pursuer successful. The course is unique, and professionals are fewer than job opportunities, and this makes it marketable. When called for interviews, very few people show up; applicants can’t even go beyond 30 in number.

5. Chartered Financial Analyst

Once you hold a degree in Chartered Financial Analyst, you may not require other degrees. Employers understand that this course is a tough one, and when you are done with the 3rd level, they have the confidence that you can competently tackle the accessible jobs.

Unquestionably, the unemployment rate for financial Analysts remains at 10%, which is the lowest compared to other marketable courses in the country. Additionally, if you want to pursue a CFA course, it’s compulsory for you to complete an undergraduate course such as statistics, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Commerce, Law and Actuarial Science.

6. Statistics

If you think you are competent in mathematics and science, this course will offer you a job immediately after you graduate; opportunities are all over. Once you possess your degree, you’ll either be employed or become a consultant. Also, you can diversify with this course, for instance, while still in college you can opt to be a data analyst, an accountant, demographer, financial analyst, or actuary expert.

It’s hard to find an undergraduate statistics holder jobless.

7. Actuarial Science

Experts in this profession model risks for government institutions, insurance organizations, and audit firms. Companies they work for include RBA, IRA, CIC insurance, Alexander Forbes, Old mutual, Kenya RE, Nairobi Securities Exchange, among others.

Actuarial science is a marketable course, but you need skills to add to your degree for it to yield the best; you need professional certificates from ICFA and SOA. Few Kenyans take the course, and this makes opportunities massive for professionals. 

8. Quantity Survey/Architecture

The course typically takes up to 7 years before you graduate. But with the increase in urban and real estate development, demand for architects and quantity surveyors is on the rise. Graduates can be confident of getting employment within the shortest time possible.

9. Piloting

Piloting is one of the most marketable courses to study in Kenya. The course takes up to three years. However, it will cost you over 5 million Kenyan shillings to complete. This demonstrates that only the well-off can afford this costly fee.

If you are lucky to study this course, work is ready for you plus you’ll earn decent pay.

10. Law

If you study law today and gain significant experience in the industry; you’ll be successful in your occupation. You may struggle at the initial stages, but once you get some clients and deliver proficient service, you’ll earn millions henceforth. What’s more, you’ll have the capacity to launch your law firm.

If you want to get a job instantaneously after you get out of the university, those above marketable degree courses to study in Kenya should be your preference; provided you have the prerequisites.

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