List of Top Money Market Funds in Kenya and Their 2023 Average Returns

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Money Markets funds are low- risk short-term mutual investment schemes using instruments such as Securities, Cash and Cash equivalents. All Money Markets Funds Managers must be regulated by The Capital Market Authority.

Money Markets funds are ideal for investors who want to preserve their capital for a short period of time while earning some interest as they buy time for future investments.


There are a number of advantages of investing in a Money Market Fund:

Professional Fund Management– as the fund is managed by investment experts

Diversification– With a relatively small investment, investment in a money market fund provides access to a broad spread of securities thus minimizes financial risk

Potential for Higher returns– through pooling of funds and professional investment management, money market funds potentially provide superior returns than comparable products in the longer term

Flexibility– you are able to easily move funds between various other collective investment schemes like the Balanced and Equity Fund

Accessibility– the money market fund is liquid and easily accessible, meaning you can withdraw funds at short notice

Safety– the fund is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority and is also overseen by a dedicated trustee and custodian whose role is to ensure that the fund manager acts in the investors’ best interest and conforms to best practice


Money markets funds does not have high interest earnings as it involves low- risk investment and short duration of investment.

Investors looking for Best performing Money Market Funds Managers in Kenya ,  can check at the table below for their perusal. Table source: cytonn 

  1. Cytonn Money Market Fund – 10.8% 
  2. Apollo Money Market Fund – 10.2%
  3. GenCap Hela Imara Money Market Fund – 10.1% 
  4. Zimele Money Market Fund – 9.9% 
  5. NCBA Money Market Fund – 9.9% 
  6. Sanlam Money Market Fund – 9.8% 
  7. Kuza Money Market Fund – 9.8% 
  8. Nabo Africa Money Market Fund – 9.7% 
  9. Old Mutual Money Market Fund – 9.7% 
  10. Dry Associates Money Market Fund – 9.6% 
  11. Madison Money Market Fund – 9.5% 
  12. AA Kenya Shillings Fund – 9.5% 
  13. Co-op Money Market Fund – 9.3% 
  14. CIC Money Market Fund – 9.2% 
  15. ICEA Lion Money Market Fund – 8.9% 
  16. British-American Money Market Fund – 8.9% 
  17. Orient Kasha Money Market Fund – 8.6% 
  18. Absa Shilling Money Market Fund – 8.2% 
  19. Equity Money Market Fund – 7.7%

SOURCE: Cytonn

Money Market Fund Yield for Fund Managers as published on 7th May 2022
RankFund ManagerDaily YieldEffective Annual Rate
1Cytonn Money Market  Fund10.01%10.53%
2Nabo Africa Money Market Fund9.65%10.09%
3Zimele Money Market  Fund9.56%9.91%
4Alphafrica Kaisha Money Market Fund9.41%9.82%
5GenCapHela Imara Money Market  Fund9.16%9.59%
6Madison Money Market  Fund9.13%9.55%
7CIC Money Market  Fund8.97%9.29%
8Sanlam Money Market  Fund8.98%9.22%
9Dry Associates Money Market  Fund8.60%8.95%
10Co-op Money Market Fund8.31%8.66%
11British-American Money Market  Fund8.29%8.61%
12Apollo Money Market Fund8.43%8.50%
13NCBA Money Market  Fund8.04%8.36%
14ICEA Lion Money Market  Fund8.02%8.35%
15Old Mutual Money Market  Fund6.68%6.89%
16AA Kenya Shillings Fund5.53%5.67%Advertisements

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