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The Next Big Cryptocurrency to shoot up in 2022-2025

Since we’re approaching the last phase of the cryptocurrency Bull run. As a result, you’re left with coins that you hope will do well legally and have the technology to last as a

emergency fund

How to build an emergency fund

Stock Market

Forex Trading

Pros and Cons of Forex Trading.

The forex market is the largest in the world in which a lot of traders make an investment to gain profit in the market. With the help of leverage, it is easy to invest money in forex trading. The advantages of forex trading are extremely good for the traders. 

Health & Fitness

NHIF Building

MPs to approve higher contribution for NHIF

NHIF will enhance cover for NCDs (non-communicable diseases) like heart ailments

Planning for your Health Care Cost in Kenya

We will try to break on how to plan for the ever rising health care costs; first for the unemployed then second for the employed citizens.

Kenya Health Sector: History & Financing of the Health Sector

Adequate resources are critical to sustainable provision of health services. The Kenya policy frameworkof 1994 identified several methods of health sector financing, including taxation, user fees, donor funds,and health insurance. These methods have

Travel & Holidays

Kenya Holidays

Things To Do in Kenya; Ready to start planning your Kenya Adventure Holiday?

Planning your own Africa travel package? Why not plan a mesmerizing travel to Kenya. Great things to do in Kenya, wonderful attractions, must-see attractions, we have best places to see in Kenya this weekend, this holiday, today, Kenya Safaris, Adventures and budget adventure activities in Kenya.

Travel Planner in Kenya

Being a travel Planner in Kenya can be one of many ways of making a money out of it. You don’t need capital to start, just being good in marketing yourself on Facebook


digital marketing

Understand 5 Roles of a Digital Marketing Company

A digital marketing company is a group of online marketing experts who handle the marketing activities like SEO services, local SEO, PPC campaigns, content marketing, and SEO audit

Cash Flow

What Really is Cash Flow?

Businesses need to be constantly planning and properly updating their cash flow. There are some efficient ways of maximising money coming in and out of the business to ease pressure on your cash flow. Although it might seem like a simple task, staying on top of finances within the business is much harder than it may seem.

Ways to Invest your Money

Look at investing like planting a seed that would yield more seeds. This is putting your money where it will earn you more money. In order to build a substantial wealth, you’ll have to invest your money. Your Financial growth and Financial worth can only be sustained by Investing what

best businesses in Kenya

Best Business to start in Kenya

There are many business opportunities in Kenya. Investors, business people & entrepreneurs are searching for profitable business ideas that have minimal risk. We took a closer look at the best investment and business opportunities to venture in. Below is a breakdown of best business to start in Kenya.

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