The Next Big Cryptocurrency to shoot up in 2022-2025

Since we’re approaching the last phase of the cryptocurrency Bull run. As a result, you’re left with coins that you hope will do well legally and have the technology to last as a crucial platform asset. And there are a few that can do just that can turn to millions…

Those coins are the following (for 100x):

Cardano (ADA) – target $6.4 trillion market cap – can avoid regulatory hurdles, way behind in the tech competition.

Solana (SOL) – target $6 trillion market cap – ahead in the tech game, but super centralized presently.

Polkadot (DOT) – target $4.4 trillion market cap – way ahead in addressing the problem of centralization, but won’t have a fast functioning platform until late December 2021 (= way behind in the tech battle)

Terra (LUNA) – target $1.67 trillion market cap – way ahead in the tech and in having a functioning ecosystem, is only just now working to decentralize everything in the face of SEC challenges

Avalance (AVAX) – target $1.14 trillion market cap – ahead in the technology, just beginning to look at regulation

Algorand (ALGO) – $1.1 trillion market cap – ahead in the technology, slightly ahead in looking to regulation

All of those currencies have the potential to grow 100-fold in the next ten years. However, after ten years, just one or two will likely exist.

If we’re talking about coins to explode 2022, stretching their PUMPS TILL 2025, then you have them below..

Ethereum (ETH) – Although not currently fast, most of the world’s D’apps are on it, it won’t run into legal complications because it’s already been ruled out as a security, and an Ethereum ETF might be released by the end of 2021. In this bull run, Ethereum’s high end is likely to be $20,000. Target: 3x – 5x

Solana (SOL) – The fastest platform coin available, with a nearly complete ecosystem. They began with decentralized finance and have now expanded to include NFTs and Web 3 technology. They have a market capitalization of $62 billion, so they could generate income up to 10x.

Terra (LUNA) – a lightning-fast platform with the most comprehensive decentralized finance ecosystem on the market. It offers the best yield farming products (I wrote an entire post about how to retire on $250k using Terra) and has lately expanded into NFTs and Web 3. With a market capitalization of only $17 billion, this could quickly double.

Avalanche (AVAX) – SOL and LUNA are faster, but perhaps not quick enough. It features a rather extensive decentralized finance environment and is home to some incredible projects, such as TIME. It’s difficult to understand how DOGE has a greater market cap with a market cap of only $14 billion.

Algorand (ALGO) – It’s a little slower than SOL and LUNA, but it’s fast enough to help El Salvador and other countries embrace Bitcoin as their national currency. In a nutshell, it has real-world applications. The tiniest of these ventures, but the most promising.

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