Reasons Why You Must Have Health Insurance in Kenya

Health insurance in Kenya is not yet fully understood by many. Lets define it first;

Is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly. There are different types of health insurance plans, such as individual health insurance, family health insurance, critical illness insurance and many more.

There are number of reasons to have a Medical Cover policy in place, and if you have a family to support, you can buy a family health insurance to take care of the medical needs of your family. Family Medical expenses are always expensive and happens when one doesn’t expect. Below are the reasons or benefits of having a health insurance policy.

It’s affordable – this may not seem to be true since of the premium amount paid to the Insurance company, but looking at it in the long term benefit in a country like Kenya where affordable health service is far from being true, you will realize the short cut of it is getting the medical cover, you can choose the affordable cover from the offers available and compare with other companies.

Income tax benefit – Individuals who are employed and contributing to the health insurance policy with registered scheme are qualified for a tax relief of up to 15% of the premium up to the maximum amount of Ksh 60,000.

Rising medical costs – Bringing back the point of how Health insurance policy is affordable, you will realize that medical cost in Kenya is expensive and this is true to most of the developing countries in Kenya. The only way to beat the cost is by shifting the expenses to the health insurance providers in Kenya.

Accidents are an inevitable – You don’t want to be surprised and find out you have some huge expenses. Your health matters more and when accidents happen you should be able to afford the treatment.

Additional benefits – Health Insurance policies usually comes with benefits such as ambulance coverage, coverage for day-care surgeries, coverage for health check-up and vaccination expenses under health insurance.

Changing lifestyle – In our todays life there are so many diseases because of our life styles, wrong eating habits, quality of food, and rising levels of pollution have increased the risk of developing health problems, that’s why having a medical cover is important and beneficial to you.

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