best businesses in Kenya

Best Business to start in Kenya

There are many business opportunities in Kenya. Investors, business people & entrepreneurs are searching for profitable business ideas that have minimal risk. We took a closer look at the best investment and business opportunities to venture in. Below is a breakdown of best business to start in Kenya.

Juice and Beverages industry

With the fruits available in Kenya. Starting up a juice factory as an alternative to beer or as diversification for your brewery is one hot business idea that will surely make you rich.

Transport Services

From food delivery to PSVs, transport industry will always remain live and a gold mine sector, more so in the cities.

You can choose to have Motorcycles or saloon cars. Nowadays companies opt for third parties to do deliveries and collection of packages.

Home Furniture’s and Deco

Furniture makers in the world will always make money. Anything that will bring out the beauty of a home will sell easily in Kenya. From Tables to cushion chairs, iron chairs, bed frames, and even office fittings and fixtures sells fast in Kenya. You can make furniture and sell them for cash.

Distribution of Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are becoming more trendy in Kenya. Consumer electronics can be classified into household appliances, TVs, smartphones,  PCs and other accessories. There is an increasing demand for all types of electronics in Kenya. Digitalization is ongoing and the switch to 4G network while companies like Safaricom eying 5G.

  • Adoption of technologic and electronic devices by the younger population.
  • Infrastructural development of the 4G networks and the national electricity grid which is increasing by 60% every year.
  • Electronic accessories are cheaper thanks to more efficient and mass production by different companies.

Kenyans or any other investor can link up with the production companies and focus on a niche.

Digital Marketing and Online Sales 

Consumer market is growing very fast. With the adoption of digitalization and the internet, there are many opportunities in digital marketing and online sales in Kenya. Kenya’s mobile penetration grew 11% between January 2020 and January 2021, to 59.24 million mobile connections or a penetration rate of almost 109%. You can discover online sales for clothing, kitchenware, accessories and electronics.

  • Internet penetration and smartphone usage have been increasing in Kenya. This will affect shopping trends and more people will shop online.
  • Online sales are more profitable compared to traditional sales. Investors do not need physical stores. They only need a warehouse, online sales website and efficient logistics operations.

Kenyans should consider investing in online marketing and sales. It is the trend of the 21st century. Entrepreneurs in Kenya can invest in online marketplaces, digital marketing agencies, digital advertising and online sales.

Professional Cleaning and Security Services

I was to split this into two but anyway …

Outsourcing cleaning and security services is a common trend in America and also in the rest of other countries. This trend is that can easily be seen in Kenya too, especially in Nairobi, not so sure about other towns. Many companies prefer outsourcing their janitorial and security operations to professional companies. Entrepreneurs should consider opening a professional cleaning and security outsourcing company.

  • Labour cost is reasonable in Africa and janitorial services do not require much training. It is comparatively easy to open a service company in this area.
  • Professional janitorial and security service business is profitable and offers opportunities to the investors and the employees.

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